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Planning Communities  in the Desert

Overall our firm is best known for creating new and renovated places that involve the public and their repeat patronage of a space. Sherman Design Studios strives to create a space that compliments the surroundings, is economically and environmentally sensitive, encourages community-building, social and cultural gatherings, alternative modes of transportation and meets the needs of current and future users. Our design goal is always to present a sense of overall well-being with the site be it a streetscape, transit facility, park or commercial building landscape.

SDS is extremely adept in providing environmentally friendly and resource efficient spaces and places with eco-sensitive materials, maintenance solutions and optimum use patterns. Site appropriate applications of native and low water use plants, mulching, landform configurations, tree species and placement, facilities, hardscape and amenities, along with our extensive knowledge of land use and irrigation techniques achieve project success. Our capabilities lead to targeted cost and plan phasing. We have worked with a variety of private and public organizations on the creation of development standards, design guidelines and planned area developments.

A key enjoyment is our ability to effectively communicate and relate with various inter- agency departments.

We get deeply involved in the organization and facilitation of various community and stakeholder input workshops (in both English & Spanish). Current trends and requirements for all components of our designs are consistently resourced, and are fully compatible with ADA guidelines.